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Best Wood Routers

What are the best router tables online?

Woodworking is considered one of the most manly things to do, but the truth is it’s a hobby for everyone. Taking materials and shaping them into something unique is just incredible and it’s no wonder some have complete workshops set up at home.

Obviously for some people woodworking isn’t just a hobby but a profession. Talented workmen know the value of having the right tools and a router table is often seen in most workshops.

A router table is a stationary woodwork machine which stands on it’s own. In the middle there is a woodworking router which can spin up to 24,000rpm. This makes it ideal for slicing through wood evenly. The flat surface lets you feed in the material and keep everything straight and aligned. The ultimate tool for perfectionists.

Router tables have a long history and developed over time. Craftsmen took their routers and started fixing them underneath tables and mounting them. As the method become more popular people began to see the benefits in accuracy and speed and the design became very popular.

Naturally over time router tables have been improved upon and now there are some pretty sophisticated models out there. If you’re looking for a router table you’ll find a lot of choice, so it’s important to know what to look for.

Router Tables vs Handheld Routers

Kreg Precision Bench Top Router TableHandheld routers are commonly used for wood work and while they are easier to manoevre than the router tables, the tables offer a range of benefits. Firstly the fence on the side of the router table gives unparalleled accuracy. By keeping the lines straight the wood is cut perfectly and precisely.

Router tables are also perfect for beginners. They allow you to work with more shapes of wood, and as you get better that means you can work with different varieties of stock wood.

With a router table you’re also able to work with a wider range of templates. Using templates is the bread and butter for most woodworkers, and a router table allows you to work with practically any template with ease.

Router tables also allow for greater scope of woodwork as you are able to create a number of different cuts into the different joints of the wood. This let’s you keep greater control of the manufacturing process.

Overall router tables are just more efficient and reliable than any handheld routers. If you’re serious about woodwork you should definitely upgrade.

The Best Router Tables

As you browse for the best router table there are a number of things you want to consider. Firstly, as with any equipment, you should find a brand you can trust. Heavy duty manufacturers like Bosch produce some great tools and are always good to look out for. Always check out reviews of a brand before you buy so you know you’re getting that quality.

Similarly you want a router table that functions well. A fast blade and good materials will make your woodwork easier, so be sure to shop around and always check the rpm of the router.

Finally you want to find yourself a stylish unit. This router table will take up some space in your home, so getting a model which not only works well but looks great is a must.

Overall you want to find a mix of value and benefits. It’s always possible to find a good value router table which does the job and doesn’t cost the earth.

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